• The expression “Aladdin’s Cave” is a much used metaphor to describe a hoard of treasure.

    Earlier this week George Frame introduced me to a magnificent collection that truly merits this description.
    I will not m […]

  • Lunch Runs in the sun are a thing again!

    No real report to speak of other than to say a great time was had by all and there’s a short video below of the day!

    You can visit their website by clicking ‘HERE’

    You c […]

  • This month’s little gem of wisdom concerns the Ford Model T.

    I had always thought the nickname “Tin Lizzie” was a friendly term of familiarity but this was not the case.

    The American public, particularly the f […]


    The world of motoring has many well known and trusted brands.

    Here is a brief summary of how some of these businesses came about.


    1. Lucas Electrical:

    Joseph Lucas established t […]

    John Douglas-Scott-Montague, Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, was a wealthy, powerful man who had a love of the embryonic motor car when most of the wealthy classes deplored it […]

  • Motoring Trivia:


    The 1936 Munich Olympics were memorable for many reasons but the first thing people usually think about is Jesse Owens the African American runner taking three […]

  • This is “Pearl” (Think Carly Simon) our 1951 Singer Roadster.

    The Roadster is a pre-war design but, in spite of very similar appearance, the post war car has many differences such as independent front […]



    As an old car enthusiast I find motoring trivia very interesting.
    This is the story of what has become known as “The Blue Train Bentley”.

    In the late twenties a few wea […]

  • My Car Story – “Boris” The 1938 Morris 8 Two Seater

    This is “Boris”, our 1938 Morris 8 Two Seater.

    The Morris 8 was a very popular mass market car in the mid thirties.

    It was made in a purpose bui […]


    Members will recall the Club visit to the Morris Leslie collection organised by “General” George Frame back in October.
    The General has an enviable track record of organising e […]

  • Over the years “General” George Frame has arranged some memorable Club runs.

    However, he excelled himself yesterday by organising a viewing of Morris Leslie’s private collection of classic cars.

    Morris Leslie is […]

    • A very nice email received from an attending (as yet non-member) we thought might fill in some info for you:

      A big thank you to the “General” himself, Mr. George Frame who once again has excelled in organising another great and worth while outing to Morris Leslie car collection at Perth, Scone.
      We set off on an early start from Heathfield Retail Park at 7:15am , 8 endeavouring members excited and full of wonder what lay ahead ,the questions were being asked on the way there how many cars what type etc only to be left wondering what lay ahead.
      The remaining members attending were leaving from Kilmarnock to meet us there and the race was on.
      It was a pleasant drive and a little surprise find for the General , he found out his car had a cassette player so proceeded to press play in wonder of the cassette that was in it we were ear bashed with some country music for a spell then more curios ejected the tape to see what other wonders we could be ear bashed with so it was The Fury’s but after a couple of numbers it was too much for young Robert who was ready to slash his wrists and begged for the radio on.
      We arrived around 10:00 am and headed for a refreshing coffee and bite at the Touch Down cafe,
      We all seem to make in good time apart from 3 other members who decided to attend at another venue. You shall remain nameless – you know who you are.
      We were greeted by Trevor in the Touchdown Cafe who was our guide for the day and a big thanks to him for his lovely manner and knowledge of the collection and happily answered any questions we had of the cars.
      So once fed and watered off we went to the collection , the General had to round up the 3 lost sheep so all together now .
      There was a vast and varied mix of vehicles , commercial , buses motorcycles and I’m sure there was something for every individual members pleasure. The collection was stored between two buildings and probably totalling over 300 vehicles.
      A nice touch was the presence of Morris Leslie himself who happily mingled and chatted with the members and answered any questions on his collection.
      A big thank you to the General for a wonderful day out and going by the vibe on the day all members who attended were pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
      This is a must visit for any car enthusiast and those who missed out this time I’m sure the General could be persuaded for another future visit,
      So once again a big thank you General from I’m sure all attendees for an inspiring venue and insight to an amazing collection of classics, you are an asset to Ayrshire Classic Cars,


    I wrote this some years ago, on reflection it would have been more appropriate to have used it in last month’s Bulletin to fall in with the centenary of the ar […]

  • I enjoy collecting little snippets of motoring history, I hope other members find these interesting.
    David Buick was born in Arbroath in 1854 and was taken to Detroit as an infant.

    As a young […]

  • The turbine steamer Queen Mary was launched from Denny’s shipyard in Dumbarton exactly 85 years ago. She was the largest passenger ship ever built for service on the Clyde and provided a standard of comfort […]

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