• MOT’s are important, and its nice to have it done at your own discretion rather than the govt’s, and its also a rare time to take a look under your car as well,
    ..but, exempt or not, if it fails, it fails, and you will need to fix it and re-MOT it with a pass to get using it again.

  • Old post, and you’ve probably got it fixed, but I’ll reply anyway..
    No.1, Battery! The most important things about a battery are a carrying handle, and a big red sticker saying something like ‘Lightning Box 9000’, etc..
    Test light would be best. Hook up the battery, and turn on various circuits and check for 12v at the relevant fuses. Write down…[Read more]

  • Hi. Feeling a tad poorly, could be a cold, could be C19, so for that reason, I didn’t attend the AGM today.
    I can’t locate any details of my membership on this club site, so I tried to pay it online, but there’s no indication of whether it has worked. No transaction on my banking app either.
    Maybe someone reading this can advise.. Steve MAC631

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