Welcome to Restoration Corner !

At one point or another they are all going to need it !

One of the joys (or pitfalls) of Classic Motoring, regardless of how old or young your chosen classic might be, is that sooner or later it will need maintenance or restoration!

This is where our Members, Friends & Contributors will share their stories, trials & tribulations with their chosen vehicles and give you an insight into what it takes to keep on of our cars on the road (or indeed restore if from scratch!)
If you wish to contribute to this part of the website, please contact one of the committee either at a monthly meeting, event or click ‘HERE’ to contact Tony directly.


Our first posts are from Tony Penman and introduce you to a car that he has owned for half his lifetime that you probably haven’t seen..

The View From the Garage pt1

The View From the Garage pt2

The View From the Garage pt3

The View From the Garage pt4

Carb Refurb & Rebuild (Extra)

The View From the Garage pt5

The View From the Garage pt6

The View from the Garage pt7